Saturday, December 29, 2012

Earn Cash And Prizes Online

Welcome to my blog. Here you will be able to sign up for a program that offers you a way to earn money and points for cash outs and prizes. Your cash out requirement is only $5. You can earn up to $1.00 or 1 point per offers. This is really a great way to earn cash. In addition, there are daily and monthly contests. If you complete the most offers you will win $60 for 1st place!

 Referring people is another great way of earning extra money. You will earn additional cash and points just for your referral completing an offer. When they do, you will get 20% for your first tier and 5% for your second. Winning first place in the referral contest is also worth $60. Even if you don't, they do offer 15th place $5. If you follow my referral guide you should be able to start getting referrals right away. 

You can also find my referral guide, offer guides, and payouts on this blog. 

Friday, December 28, 2012


This was a payment received from a gpt site I use frequently. I completed 80 offers and got first place. They gave me $40 extra for doing offers. I earned $20 and 1,000 points for completing the offer. Keep in mind this was all done with a few hours of spare time.

Doing offers is very repetitive. All you have to do is create a new email for every offer, submit your email and get to the third page of all offers, and reach the last page. Then when our done clear your cookies. that's all you have to do to earn cash and prizes online. Its so easy, even a 10 year old can do it!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Referral Methods

Here is my method to getting more referrals.
If you do all of these techniques you should get:

  • Traffic to you blog
  • Traffic to your YouTube video
  • Increase your Rank in Google and YouTube (More Traffic)
  • Make money from
  • Get referrals for PrizeRebel (More Money) (Or any Other site)
  • Possible Affiliate Offers Completed (More Money)

Step 1: First you will want to create a blog. This blog will be about PrizeRebel of course. I suggest writing about how easy it is to make money and earn prizes and how you can earn money for your referral doing offers. Copy your  PrizeRebel Referral Link to your clipboard and shorten it with Take the short URL and place it in your blog with big letters like “Sign Up Now”  as a catchy anchor text.

Step 1.5: Sign up with Any and all URLs should be shortened with will allow you to earn extra money. This money can be used to send more traffic to your blog. Such as Google Adwords or another ppc.

Step 2: Create a 30 second video and upload it to YouTube. Include your  PrizeRebel  referral URL and your blog URL in the comment section of the video. Make sure you use  on your referral id and blog url so you can get extra money. Then imbed your video code into standard html on your blog. Do not use a autoplay code.

Step 3: Sign up at Enhance Views and start building your credits. Once you have enough credits redeem them for 50 views. Do not exceed 150 views or your video may freeze. Don't go crazy on the likes and comments. Do something like 50 Views 5 Comments/Likes. You should be earning credits and keeping your YouTube video live consistently. This will keep your views going up. The more views you have the more organic views you will get.

Step 4: Go to EasyHits4U and sign up. Create a new website profile and include your blog URL. Select Country USA. Select "Show For" and Put 40 Seconds. Adjust hits per day to 25.  Then surf the web with this until you get 50 credits. IE 25 hits for today and 25 hits for tomorrow. By using traffic exchange on your blog, you increase the chance of some one viewing more video.

Step 4.5: Go to Hitpages and Auto Surfer Pro. Sign up and set up your accounts. This works very much like Enhance views only for your blog. 

 Step 5: This step is optional but adds a kick to your sites performance. Start backlinking your website. I have purchased No Hands Seo and it allows me to automatically get backlinks with out doing anything. Such as with Enhance Views.

Step 6: Sign up at Peerfly and find an offer such as a video game download or something the will relate to the blog such as a business opportunity. Get the ad URL and shorten it with  and post it as a clickable image on your blog. If people click this you will get paid from .If they sign up then you will get paid a nice chunk of money.

By using this method you will create a blog that has a video on YouTube. You will drive traffic to your video using Enhance Views. Because your video is being watched you will notice organic traffic from YouTube.  EasyHits4U  will provide traffic to your blog. visitors on Easyhits4U will see your blog for 40 seconds. The sole purpose of using EasyHits4U is so people visiting your blog will click your video during those 40 seconds. This will once again help get more organic views.  In time your YouTube video will raise in the YT Search Engine, and increasing your views. With more views to your video there is a higher rate of  PrizeRebel sign ups. Your PR rating on your blog will go up because of the traffic.

 If you backlink your blog then your ranking in the search engine will increase. Also if you backlink to a good site you may get even more traffic to your blog.

By shortening your referral links to, you will make money per click. This money can then go into  EasyHits4U  to make this an auto pilot system.

Your Peerfly  offer will act as bonus income. I also suggest inserting it into the description of your YouTube video.

I was saying prizerebel as the affiliate but you can do this with any affiliate program. Just make sure there is a link in the description of your YouTube video and Blog. However, make sure those links are shortened with

Note: If you are using blogger or any blog that uses Google Adsense then remove your codes. Google does not like traffic exchange.

Would you like to include this strategy in your blog? 

1. Download the blog post here
2. Unzip the file. Locate and open the txt file.
3. Copy everything in the text file to your clip board
4. Go to and paste it in to the form and click spin

You will then have your own unique copy of this post.

If you have been searching for a way to increase your referrals to your gpt site then you have come to the right place. Getting referrals can be easy if you know exactly how to do it. In fact it can be so easy you don't even have to do anything but have an auto watcher viewing youtube videos.

I'll break it down in steps for you:

1. Create a youtube video
2. Upload it to youtube and include your referral id
3. Use enhance views to increase your views and likes.

Thats it! The reason this works is because if your video is getting seen by
enhance view watchers then its getting watched by YouTube viewers also.
The trick is always building up your enhance views credits so you can increase both
your likes and views. You will notice a change almost instantly and when you get up to
2,000 views you will get at least 1 - 2 referrals every day.

Now you might be thinking, wow create my own video, that might be hard. However, I have taken the hard part completely out of the equatioin. I have created 10 videos for you! All you have to do is download the .rar file and unzip it. Then upload it to YouTube and use your referral link. Then blast views and likes with enhance views.

Free Referral Videos
10 included
Wal Mart
World of Warcraft
I want you to know that you must unlock it by doing a survey. This is the only way I could think of so you can get it for free and I can get a little cash for taking the time to prepare these videos. Besides, this download will be worht $100s to you once you use it.